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Giles Bowkett, Swearing and the Greatest Ruby Talk Ever

November 9, 2011

At RubyFringe ‘08, Giles Bowkett went on a metaprogramming romp about Ruby, music, the evils of Venture Capital and the virtues of lightweight, ubiquitous protocols. He starts with an impressive demo, but it really gets going about 7 minutes in. Giles takes the crowd on a crazy, lightning-speed tour through 496 slides about Leonardo da Vinci, cougars, LSD and weasel-brained muppet fuckers.

He swears 10 times in 40 minutes, including 7 fucks. They’re like flourishes in an epic fireworks display.

Profanity is like rock music. The f-bomb is electric guitar. You might think it sounds sophmorish, but if you think it doesn’t add energy to a presentation, you’re lying to yourself.

Watch it.