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Installing Redis on CentOS 4

December 16, 2009

TL;DR: CentOS 4 initscript for Redis at:

Vanity Is Nice

I am a huge fan of Vanity, Assaf Arkin’s “Experiment Driven Development” framework. (A/B testing and metric tracking.) “Gem install” to “cap deploy” in under an hour. Talk about reducing the time investment required to get going with data-driven development! It Just Makes Life Easier.

Vanity uses Redis as its backing store. Redis is fast and lightweight — no problem there. It builds on CentOS right out of the gate. However, I want to use Redis with Vanity on a production site. If Redis is down, Vanity crashes and takes my app with it. I need it installed at runlevels 345, so it always starts at boot time. (We need adequate monitoring, too, but that’s a topic for another post.)

CentOS Needs a Friend

There is a Ubuntu initscript floating around, but building dpkg to get the start-stop-service binary is a little heavyweight for my taste. Instead, I’ve gutted an old Nginx initscript, and it works handily.

You can find it at:

If You Came for the Show

How to install Redis on CentOS 4, in 13 easy steps:

  1. curl | tar zx
  2. cd redis-1.02
  3. make
  4. sudo cp redis-server /usr/local/sbin
  5. sudo cp redis-cli /usr/local/bin
  6. sudo mkdir /var/lib/redis /etc/redis
  7. sudo sed -e “s/^daemonize no$/daemonize yes/” -e “s/^dir .//dir /var/lib/redis//” -e “s/^loglevel debug$/loglevel notice/” -e “s/^logfile stdout$/logfile /var/log/redis.log/” redis.conf > /etc/redis/redis.conf
  8. curl | tar -zxO > redis-server
  9. chmod u+x redis-server
  10. mv redis-server /etc/init.d
  11. sudo /sbin/chkconfig –add redis-server
  12. sudo /sbin/chkconfig –level 345 redis-server on
  13. sudo /sbin/service redis-server start

Congratulations, you have a complete Redis installation!

  • Config: /etc/redis/redis.conf
  • Data: /var/lib/redis
  • Logfile: /var/log/redis.log
  • PID: /var/run/

If you tweak the paths, you’ll need to edit redis.conf and/or the redis-server initscript accordingly.